A Change of Pace

Hello, faithful readers!

I have some bad news for you: I will be reducing the amount of posts produced per week. Why? Because I’ve suddenly gotten very busy and it’s gotten to be a bit too much for me. Continue reading


Personal Update — Schedule Change

Hello, everyone!  As you can see, I’m back to regular posting, but I will be changing the schedule a little bit.  Effective immediately, this is the weekly schedule:

Mondays — Adventures in Reading

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays — Daily WTF

Wednesdays — Gun Laws, State by State

Saturdays — Adventures in Links

Sundays — Long form essay (interview, review, etc)

So thanks for waiting, and I hope you’ll continue to follow The Adventures of a Pissed Off Millennial!  We should have a lot of fun things happening this year.

Happy New Year!