A Journey into Black Friday with an Actual Retail Worker

Most people have an opinion about Black Friday, either seeing it as a post-apocalyptical, capitalistic blight on humanity or as a wild shopping bid capable of saving you hundreds of dollars while insuring your family has a Merry, Merry Christmas.  This year, there have been thousands of articles written about it (including a couple by yours truly), but it’s rare to get an insider’s view on the whole thing.  How do actual retail workers feel about this unofficial holiday?  Is it really as bad as we all think it is?  Is working on Thanksgiving actually a big deal?

To find out, I contacted my friend Alex (not their real name).  We’ve known each other for years, and I respect his intelligence, perspective, and honesty.  He’s also been working in a large retailer for several years, slowly rising in the ranks and doing just about every job imaginable.  I reached out to Alex on Black Friday and asked if he’d answer a few questions.  The following are his answers. Continue reading