Hourly Comic — August 29, 2015

My next Hourly Comic from Saturday, August 29th.  On this day, my sister, girlfriend, and I took a little trip to buy art supplies.  It was quite a lovely day.  I’m also trying new tools like non-photo reproducing blue pencil and a comic strip format pad.  It’s quite fun.  Click on the category “Hourly Comics” to read more, or look at my DeviantArt by clicking here.


Hourly Comic — August 3, 2015

I’ve decided to try to draw an hourly comic every week.  Basically, I’ll be illustrating what I do on an hourly basis throughout the day.  It’s just a little exercise to get my drawing on a regular basis again.  Right now, I’m really rusty and slow.  For more of my artwork, you can look at me DeviantArt here.