Daily WTF: Mike Pape’s Racist Congressional Ad

As you may know, it’s election season and candidates are fighting tooth and nail not just for the Presidency but also for open Congressional seats. One such blowhard is Mike Pape, who’s running for Kentucky’s 1st Congressional District. Pape describes himself as “a constitutional conservative who will stand up for you against the establishment and special interests.” He is also “strongly pro-life, and he is a tireless advocate for the Second Amendment and your gun rights.” So, basically, a Tea Bagger.

Finally, Mike Pape is super against illegal immigrants, as this horrifying ad shows. If you’d rather not click on that 31 seconds of bullshit, here’s what happens: three men sporting false black mustaches and bad Mexican accents are trying to cut through a US border fence. They’re wearing shirts that say, “Stop Trump,” “Stop Ted Cruz,” and “Stop Pape.” The third explains to the other two who Mike Pape is and how he’ll support Trump in building up the border wall as well as repealing Obamacare. They all agree that they should stop Pape too and scamper through the wall, assumedly to murder the three. What else would a few lone men carrying nothing but a bag apiece and with no other wish to enter the US than to stop three lame pseudo-politicians be about to do?

Pape has fallen for Trump’s lie that all Mexicans are rapists and criminals who want to do nothing more than harm Americans and take our jobs. He believes that a wall would be a cost-efficient means to keep people out, despite the fact that it currently isn’t and, as this John Oliver segment shows, would put our country in further financial debt. Furthermore, as a potential Kentucky Congressman, this stance is pointless. Kentucky doesn’t rest on the border, and we don’t have any major industry that takes advantage of cheap, immigrant labor. Moreover, most of our Hispanic and Latino residents are either full US citizens, on the pathway to citizenship, legal immigrants, or refugees, and finally, Mexican immigrants are less likely to commit crime, less likely to do drugs, pay billions of dollars in taxes, and overwhelmingly aren’t here illegally. Even the ones that are here illegally were often brought here as children, a situation they should not be punished for. They account for under 4% of Kentucky’s population so if Pape is the kind of racist man I think he is, there’s a chance he’s never even worked with a Hispanic person. He certainly doesn’t seem to know the above facts.

Pape’s entire platform is an exercise in fear and hatred. Despite the fact that Kentucky only has three abortion clinics, he still wants to shut them down, denying women their constitutional rights. Despite the fact that Kentucky has very lax gun laws, he still wants to prevent Congress from passing common-sense gun controls (like fucking doing background checks). Despite the fact that Obamacare (or the Affordable Care Act, as it’s actually known) has worked very well in Kentucky, he still supports Bevin shutting down Kynect and denying insurance to almost half a million Kentuckians. Despite the fact that the coal industry has decimated eastern Kentucky, he still wants to expand it and fight the EPA, increasing our nation’s reliance on coal and our carbon footprint. Why? Because he’s scared and he’s angry and he wants to take the rest of us down with him.

Pape is not the only person running for Congress espousing these kinds of lies and views, so as the election season nears, remember to look up who’s running in your state and your district. And, above all, remember to vote. Bigots always win when we don’t vote.

* Image of Mike Pape racist ad taken from http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2016/04/mike-pape-donald-trump-bad-ad


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