Adventures in Reading – March 21 – March 27, 2016

What did I read (and finish) this week? Look below to find out!

Things I’ve Been Silent About: Memories by Azar Nafisi (2008) – This memoir by Azar Nafisi (of Reading Lolita in Tehran fame) is about her family, especially her mother and father, their intersecting relationships, the Iran Revolution and events surrounding it, and surviving each other. Her family was highly political, and her father had strong ties with the Shah’s government before it threw him in jail on felonious charges. Her mother was a strong-willed, ambitious woman who thought the world was against her. It’s a very well written memoir, and Ms. Nafisi does an amazing job of recreating moments in her childhood and adolescence and making the readers feel her emotions. I thought she got a little too tied up with her mother, allowing her to overly dictate both her life and the events of the book. It was a tough read at times.

Bitch Media: Nerds, Nerds, Nerds! Magazine (2015) – This issue of Bitch Media focused on nerds, including epic Scully eye rolls, female fantasy writers, how sci-fi and transgenderism intersect, and more. I was initially very excited about the issue, but I thought a lot of the writing fell flat. I liked “Geeking Out,” “School Is In,” and “Rewriting Reality.” Sort of a disappointing issue.

Chew, Vol. 8: Family Recipes by John Layman and Rob Guillory (2014) – In this volume, Toni is dead, but she’s still able to help Tony solve crimes and stop The Vampire from beyond the grave – with a little help from psychotropic elements and her severed toe. This was a really fun volume, and it was really timely after the heaviness of the last two.

Chew, Vol. 9: Chicken Tenders by John Layman and Rob Guillory (2015) – In this volume, both Tony and Colby marry the loves of their lives – though Colby is decidedly less excited about it. He, Mason Savoy, Olive, and Cesar also join up to take down The Vampire – to truly disastrous results. This was a really action-packed issue, but I thought the writing fell a little flat. Still great though.

Ongoing manga:


Fenglin Tianxia – Wangfei Shisansui by Yi Shi Feng Liu (ongoing) ch. 1 – 5 – This manwha is about the greatest (and sexiest) assassin ever – who accidently gets blown up and then reincarnated in a little girl’s body in the distant past. However, she’s unwilling to let herself get taken advantage of and uses her assassin skills to drive off (or allure) all who would defy her. Kind of fun but didn’t really hold my interest.

Toriaezu Chikyuu ga Horobiru Mae ni by Nemu Youko (ongoing) ch. 1 – 2 – This manga is about a girls’ basketball team that just wants to laze about and have fun – until a gorgeous stranger tells them that they have to win the championship or the earth will be destroyed! Unfortunately, there are only two translated chapters online, so I don’t know what happens next. It’s so fuuuuunnnn… I wish there were moooooore…


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