Adventures in Reading – February 15 – February 21, 2016

What did I read (and finish) this week? Look below to find out!

Birds of Prey, Vol. 1: Trouble in Mind by Duane Swierczynski and Jesus Saiz (2012) – This volume shows more or less the start of the Birds of Prey ladies – Black Canary, Starling, Poison Ivy, Katana, and Batgirl – as they battle a shadowy villain who can control people’s minds and bend them to his will. It was a decent comic, and I liked how buff Starling was and the colorist from issue 3 on, but it didn’t necessarily capture my attention. I may read the next volume, but I’m not really looking forward to it. An okay volume.

Chew, Vol. 2: International Flavor by John Layman and Rob Guillory (2010) – This volume has Tony, the FDA agent who can take a bite out of something and learn its past, go to a Polynesian island, where he encounters cock-fighting, strange alien fruits, and The Vampire, a fellow cibopath who collects and eats other people with powers. I was a bit ambivalent about the first volume, but I really liked this one. The whole thing coalesced nicely and Agent Colby came back! Can’t wait to read the other volumes.

Lovely Complex Plus by Nakahara Aya (completed) ch. 1 – 3 – This series is about what happens after Lovely Complex, the friendship between Risa and Shoji, and the relationship between Risa and Otani. There’s not much to this series. It’s just cute.

Love Com Two by Nakahara Aya (completed) ch. 0 – 3.5 – This series is about four different people and their love stories/stories to find completion. Interspersed among them are Risa and Otani. It’s really cute and really well written. I wish there were more of this.

Hanada by Nakahara Aya (completed) ch. 1 – 7 – This series is about Hanada Ran, a rich, snooty girl who is forced to be engaged to Kashiwagi Eiji, a mischievious farmer’s son whose family saved Ran’s parents once. The two go to school together and are constantly bothered by love rivals. Ran insists that she wants nothing to do with Eiji, but as time goes on, she finds herself more and more attracted to him. Not my favorite manga but okay.


Junjou Drop by Nakahara Aya (completed) ch. 0 – 4 – This series is about Saki Momota, a girl with little confidence, and Akai Ryuuichi, a mean-looking dude who really, really loves his niece. The two strike up an unlikely friendship as their little siblings play. Eventually, that friendship morphs into love. It’s a super cute series. I really liked it.

Tokimeki Gakuen Oujigumi by Nakahara Aya (completed) – ch. 1 – 4.2 – This series is about four different “princes” of the Tokimeki Campus and their love stories. It’s silly, and I loved it.

Himitsu Kichi by Nakahara Aya (completed) ch. 1 – 4 – This series is about relationships and the secrets around them. The first is about a relationship between a high school girl and an elementary school boy. The whole thing is cute.

Nanaco Robin by Nakahara Aya (completed) ch. 1 – 12 – This story starts with a girl stealing a groom on his wedding day (for her sister), and ends with her falling in love with the groom’s younger, grumpier brother. Meanwhile, the groom’s family goes bankrupt, the groom’s ex-fiancé stalks him, and the girl’s family takes in the groom’s younger brother. It’s silly, but the characters are great. I like seeing how Konatsu (the younger brother) grows and improves.

Berry Dynamite by Nakahara Aya (completed) ch. 0 – 8 – This series is about Mai, a wannabe rock star, and Kurumi, a bubbly girl, and their time as the pop duo Berry Dynamite. When they gain a powerful enemy at a rival record company, they have to abandon their pride to get gigs. It’s a bit dumb. Not one of my favorites.

Brother Shuffle! by Mishima Kazuhiko (completed) ch. 1 – 5.5 – One day, two brothers fall down a set of stairs and end up switching bodies. The gruff, older brother is now stuck in his girly-looking brother’s body. And his brother’s best friend says he’s in love with him! It’s a silly body swap/yaoi, but I liked it.

Ringo Nikki by Nakahara Aya (completed) ch. 1.1 – 1.2 – Ringo’s father loses his job, so they move to a small, rural town into a small apartment. While at the public bath, Ringo meets a rude, mischievous boy who loves to tease her. I actually didn’t finish this series (I got burned out on Nakahara Aya.), and I thought it was a bit slow.


Reverse!? by Mishima Kazuhiko (completed) ch. 1 – 14 – Amamiya becomes a math teacher at an all-boys’ school. However, one of the students decides to hit on him aggressively. The boy’s friend comes to Amamiya’s aid and promises to protect him. Then, of course, they fall in love. Not one of my favorites. The whole premise is weird and the plot was a bit rushed.

Mamiya Seitai Ningyouten by Mishima Kazuhiko (completed) ch. 1.1 – 5 – Mamiya is a shop own and doll maker whose dolls can rival humans in their intelligence and feel. One day, famous actor Kobayashi Harumi comes to him asking for a doll of himself, but it’s all a ruse to get closer to Mamiya. Another lukewarm series.

Ongoing manga:

Mai Ball! by Inoue Sora (2015/2016 – ongoing) ch. 1 -2 – This series is about Mai, a girl who’s always helped her childhood friend Kunimitsu practice soccer. However, as they age, she starts to have erotic fantasies about him, which distract her while practicing. Meanwhile, a female classmate sees how good she is and wants to recruit her. The only problem is that Mai has terrible stage fright. Cute, ecchi, not bad, but I won’t be continuing it.


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