Daily WTF: Donald Trump Receiving All of South Carolina’s Delegates

The Situation: This past weekend, South Carolina gathered to determine who it thought should be the Republican Presidential candidate. When polls closed that evening, popular vote had Donald Trump winning with 32.5% and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz trailing at 22.48% and 22.33% respectively. And yet, despite the fairly split vote, Donald Trump would go on to receive all 50 South Carolinean Republican delegates.

The Response: On the Democratic side, there has been great hew and cry over figuring out if the Democratic party is truly electing a candidate based on what the people want. Delegates have basically followed the popular vote in all states thus far (with the notable exception of superdelegates who, as I’m sure we all know, are bullshit). And yet, South Carolinean Republicans as members of a party that has repeatedly touted its ability to connect with the public and give the public what they want, have run roughshod over the popular vote and en masse endorsed a racist, misogynistic, bigoted, and imbecilic man.

The fact that the delegates would utterly disregard the wishes of their constitutes shows how little South Carolinean Republicans care about what the people want. They would gladly burn bridges to get a win and advance their own personal agendas regardless of the havoc that could cause. It doesn’t matter to them that Trump has no real political experience or that he knows nothing about foreign policy or that he is utterly tactless when dealing with women, Hispanics, blacks, immigrants, or anyone he considers foreign. It doesn’t matter that he’s said he can shoot someone in broad daylight with impunity or publically egged on his supporters to harass, demean, and hurt dissenters. What matters to them is that Trump has star power. Thus, they voted for him.

Having leaders who will only vote what is popular or gets the ratings is not good. That does not show leadership. It does not show an understanding of who and what the people are. It does not demonstrate intelligence, compassion, or vision. It’s cowardice, pure and simple, and it should not be tolerated.

South Carolina, your Republican delegates have failed you. They have cracked open the door to a man with no political savvy, no sound fiscal knowledge, no foreign policy experience, and a platform of nothing more than scapegoats and strawmen. I hope that you can get some of these incompetent lawmakers out of office this fall and elect people who actually represent you.


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