Adventures in Links — February 20, 2016 (Neil deGrasse Tyson)

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Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is America’s greatest treasure. He’s not only a brilliant man with degrees from Harvard, the University of Texas, Columbia University, and Princeton but is also a staunch advocate of science and education, expanding the Hayden Planetarium as its director, hosting the PBS program NovaScienceNow, and running the successful talk show and podcast StarTalk. He constantly interacts with the public through social media and pop culture, using such venues as movies and TV shows to discuss physics and astronomy. He is also super funny.

So here’re some links about him! I’m including some basic information and some entertaining links such as interviews, TV show cameos, and Twitter battles. Enjoy!

First up, here’s some basic information – an overview of his life and career and his profile at the Hayden Planetarium. Click here to go to his Wikipedia page, here for his profile at the Hayden Planetarium, and here for a fun, celebrity-ish profile.

Next up, how would you like to follow and interact with Tyson on social media? Unless you’re being epically stupid, he probably won’t directly respond to you, but he’s always highly entertaining. Click here for his Twitter page and here for his Facebook page.

If you’d like to check out a really cool podcast and talk show, you should look into the aforementioned StarTalk. The podcast is about space, science, and pop culture and has a number of guests including George Takei, John Oliver, and Richard Dawkins. You can subscribe to it on iTunes or click here to listen to it online. There are currently over 100 episodes so you have a lot to listen to.

However, if you’d like to watch something, you can check out the StarTalk talk show. It airs on National Geographic and features Tyson talking about various scientific topics through interviews and panel discussions. Like the podcast, it features pop culture, science, and comedy icons. However, unlike the podcast, it has a segment of Bill Nye (the Science Guy!) at the end. Click here to check it out.


Bill Nye (the Science Guy!), President Barack Obama, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, photo from Tyson

Speaking of Bill Nye (the Science Guy!), were you aware that he and Neil deGrasse Tyson are BFFs who like to hang out, argue, talk about the ladies, and take selfies? Because they super are. Click here to see an adorable compendium of their friendship, here for their celebration of The Planetary Society, here for the two of them discussing the challenges and benefits of colonizing Mars, and here for the two of them discussing how Carl Sagan invited them to The Planetary Society, what people from Earth should be called, and other topics.

Outside of his talk shows and more educational pursuits, he’s also done quite a few cameos in TV shows (all of them rad). To see his interview about his work on Zoolander 2, click here; to see him and Seth MacFarlane talk about science on Family Guy, talk here; to see him cameo on Brooklyn 99, click here; and to see him cameo on The Big Bang Theory, click here.

Finally, you may be aware that Tyson recently got into a flame war with rapper and idiot B.o.B. about whether or not the Earth is flat which culminated in a literal mic drop from Tyson (It’s awesome.). If you click here, you can read some of B.o.B.’s ridiculous claims, here for information about the flame war, and here for Tyson’s beautiful mic drop.


Bonus: This isn’t exactly Neil deGrasse Tyson, but if you click here, you can see an Epic Rap Battle with a surprise guest at the end.


5 thoughts on “Adventures in Links — February 20, 2016 (Neil deGrasse Tyson)

    • clbutor says:

      I’m not sure that one article from you, whose credentials I don’t know and whose work I can’t check, necessarily discredits Tyson’s entire career. Maybe some of his claims, yes, but he knows he’s not a god and that theories change with new evidence. He’d probably applaud your endeavors. And, even if he makes errors, that doesn’t mean he’s not a super cool individual.


      • clbutor says:

        I like Neil deGrasse Tyson, and I’m allowed to like him even if he speaks erroneously about something. I have no desire to get involved in your vendetta against him, and I don’t especially appreciate the implication that I’m not smart enough to understand when a person is lying. Enjoy hating Tyson. He probably won’t care.

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