Daily WTF: Neighbors Who Try to Kill You Because They’re Lazy Assholes

The Situation: Last night, my dad, sister, girlfriend, and I came back from a delicious if somewhat tense dinner only to find the stairs in front of our apartment thoroughly blocked by some asshole’s SUV. They had decided to park in the fire exit directly in front of the only stairs that would lead to our apartment building, parking so far forward that there was literally only about 6” between their vehicle and the stairs.

The Reaction: This is fucking bullshit. Number one, it’s horribly rude. People have to wedge themselves between your vehicle and the stairs to get into their apartment. What if they’re holding a baby? What if they have laundry or groceries? What if they have a stroller or a dog? What if they have very large legs or stomachs? What if someone is disabled and uses a cane or has to be assisted? What then? Should they walk half a block around the outside of the building just because you didn’t want to park ten feet to the left in an actual parking spot?

Number two, it’s lazy as fuck. We got to the parking lot maybe twenty minutes after them, and there were four spaces within fifty feet of their vehicle, including two right next to it. There was absolutely no reason for them not to park somewhere else. They had options.

Number three, it’s dangerous. What happens if there’s a fire in the complex? Everyone will run to the exit only to find it blocked. Then they’ll turn around and get crushed by the new arrivals that won’t know what’s happening. Meanwhile, there’s a fucking fire behind them. Or if someone were fleeing a domestic abuser? What then?

So, please, don’t be like this asshole. If it’s snowing or raining or you “accidentally” park somewhere you’re not supposed to, just move. Staying where you are can cause real hurt for your neighbors – and it might just encourage one of them to key your car. Not saying that’s right, but I am saying to show a bit of courtesy.

What about you? Do you have any stories about inconsiderate neighbors?


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