Daily WTF: Donald Trump’s Manipulative and Abusive Campaign Tactics

How do you manipulate people? Well, there are two things you need to do first: 1) isolate that person and 2) get them to rely on you (and only you). If you can convince a person or group of people that they are alone, under attack, underappreciated, or otherwise marginalized, you can control who has access to them and who they can contact. This makes it easier to force them to rely on you, to make them listen to you, and to listen to only you. Then you can start getting them to do what you say.

To maintain their loyalty and isolationism (because it’s easier to manipulate someone who wants to listen to you), you have to periodically praise them, often at the expense of others. “You’re so smart,” you say, “Unlike your sister,” or “You’re so much prettier than the other girls,” or “Did you see what stupid thing such-and-so did? I know you would never do that.” Complimenting people in that fashion pits them against others, further isolating them, and intrinsically implying that, should they stop being so smart, loyal, etc., they will lose your love and respect and everything that goes with it. And you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Then the real horror begins because if you have an isolated person who only relies on you, only believes in you, and only listens to you, they’re going to do whatever you want without questioning you. This will lead you to spit on, beat, and scream racial slurs at dissenters, especially if your leader is egging you on. This will compel you to ignore outside facts and accuse those fact-holders of either being mean to your leader or to you. This will allow you to forgive your leader for whatever they do, regardless of how vile, cruel, violent, or hateful.

This is how Donald Trump can tell a group of supporters that he could shoot someone in broad daylight and not lose any voters. Oh, and those supporters will cheer.

Trump’s entire campaign has been about employing these manipulative tactics. First off, he’s convinced his supporters that they’re under attack and that only he can save them. Were you aware that America is no longer great and it’s because people like you are being harassed by the politically correct? Well, he’s going to help you and help America and get rid of all those nasty liberal pansies. Were you also aware that America – and you specifically as a white Christian – is under constant attack by Muslim terrorists and Mexican rapists? Well, he’s going to deny Muslims their Constitutional rights and force Mexico to build a $20 billion wall. How? Because he said so, he gets things done, he’s great, and no one can ever stop him.

Now click on this link and look at Trump telling his supporters that he could shoot someone on one of the busiest streets on the planet and no one would care. Note that he prefaces this audacious claim by telling his supporters how smart and loyal they are – implicitly stating that the best way to show how smart and loyal they are is not to hold him accountable to the law. Note that, instead of showing horror at the threat, his supporters cheer, delighted that he’s so confident in their love and loyalty that he could say such a thing.

At this point, Trump has almost six million Twitter followers and has been consistently polling around 40% for over six months. Politician Ron Paul has publically stated that it’s very likely Trump will win the Republican nomination, and given that all other candidates are trailing way, way behind him, I’d have to agree with him. So there is a possibility that this man, this clown, this thug, this degenerate is going to be our next President of the United States.

That is a terrifying prospect, but one that we nonetheless need to make peace with. Yes, it could happen, but how are we going to prevent it? By cutting Trump’s power. Stop making fun of his supporters – it only makes them more obstinate. Don’t stoop to personal attacks – it only makes him more loved. Crush him with facts, pressure him for concrete ideas, make him answer for his wobbly platform and views. Hold this man accountable. Don’t dismiss what he has to say – eviscerate it. Because Trump as the most powerful man in the world isn’t just bad for liberals or Democrats or Americans – it’s bad for everyone in the world.

* Image taken from http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/07/donald-trump-twitter-vengeance


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