Adventures in Links — January 16, 2016 (David Bowie and Alan Rickman Tributes)

Theme: David Bowie and Alan Rickman Tributes

Since David Bowie’s death on January 10 and Alan Rickman’s on January 14, the world has been awash with tributes. Many of them have been digital, including kind Tweets and interviews, but there have been numerous IRL ones as well, including covers of Bowie’s songs, memorial sites with fan-produced images, and full-on parades. Today I’ve gathered just a few of these for you to enjoy. If you’d like to share any others, even your own, please do so in the comments.

If you click here, you can read a couple dozen written tributes to David Bowie. There are essays by Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone, Greg Tate of MTV News, Lindsay Zoladz of Vulture, and many others. Some of them are well-researched, informative pieces, but they all contain emotion and pathos as the writers dealt with their grief and loss.

This link purports to have the “most unusual” David Bowie tributes, including this one about a new constellation for Bowie and this one containing a Simpsons episode including both Bowie and Rickman. The purpose of these links is not so much to make you cry but to celebrate Bowie, which is why they pay homage to his unique and offbeat personality.

For more pop culture tributes, you can click here to see SNL’s tribute to Bowie featuring his 1979 music number, here for how The Economist used Bowie’s lyrics in their headings, and here for a collection of Bowie in pop culture. I especially liked seeing the 1979 clip as I’d never seen him in his earlier work.

For a slideshow of fan-based tributes, click here. They’re snapshots of ways fans have shown their grief and support including the obligatory candlelight vigil but also including tattoos and graffiti. However, I prefer this link about a GIF of Bowie through the years. Artist Helen Green is very talented.

Many Alan Rickman tributes focus on his work as Snape, a choice I find mind-boggling given how utterly nasty Snape was. However, what his Harry Potter costars said about him was touching. You can read about that here and read expansions of their sentiments here and here.

Yet my favorite long-form tribute comes from David Edelstein, which you can read here. The article contains numerous clips of his work and is well written and thoughtful.

For another touching Alan Rickman tribute, you can click here to see what Steven Colbert had to say. Under the video are also several Alan Rickman articles. Be warned: after the first 60 seconds, Colbert pretty much goes back to ranting about a BLT, but those 60 seconds were beautiful.

Some fans are also raising their wands to him in emulation of the scene where Hogwarts students honor Dumbledore. If you click here, you can see a short Buzzfeed article on it. And, if you click here, you can see a slightly longer article from The Guardian about the same phenomenon.

* Image by Benjamin Schwartz of The New Yorker.  Original image can be found here:


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