Adventures in Reading — January 4 — January 10, 2016

What did I read (and finish) this week? Look below to find out!

Chew, Vol. 1: Taster’s Choice by John Layman and illustrated by Rob Guillory (2009) – This series is about Tony Chu, a detective capable of getting something’s backstory just by eating it. When he eats a serial killer’s face to figure out who his victims were, he gets drafted by the FDA, which has really increased in power since a bird flu epidemic. However, the FDA is riddled with problems, including a supervisor that hates Tony and a partner that may not be on the up-and-up. This was a fun, dumb series that I enjoyed reading (and will doubtless read more of in the near future).

New York Drawings by Adrian Tomine (2012) – This collection of drawings and comics from Tomine’s time at The New Yorker provides snapshots of New York life, each illustration infused with humor, wit, and story. The drawings, though simplistic looking, are rich in intention, eye-catching, and straightforward. I’m now Tomine’s fan. Check out his work. It’s great.

Tin House, Winter Reading, 2015, Issue #66 (2015) – The newest volume of Tin House seeks to recapture the heat, passion, and movement of summer, giving its readers the energy needed to make it through the long winter months. The volume is strongest in the beginning with Claire Vaye Watkins’ amazing essay “On Pandering” and Evie Wyld and Joe Sumner’s comic “Everything is Teeth.” The back half was slower but still contained great work by James Scudamore (“Carnival of Masks”). Overall, a good issue.


Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps by Kelly Sue DeConnick and illustrated by David Lopez (2015) – This odd volume follows Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) and the ace flyers The Banshees in a strange alternate reality where Victor Von Doom is lord and god and dissidence is heavily punished (Also, objective reasoning might not exist?). However, as the Banshees (and later Carol) start questioning everything they’ve been led to believe, they make a break for it, teaming up with Rhodes and fighting the Thor Corps, which is freaking awesome. This was a fun volume that I would absolutely read more of if it exists. Also, the teaser with Kamala at the end? Worth the cost!

Ongoing manga:

Cherry Boy, That Girl by South Ant (ongoing) ch. 83 and 84 – In these chapters, Lime returns to school and apologizes to Berry, and Wally returns to Korea and prepares for a confrontation with Pear. I’m looking forward to it.


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Reading — January 4 — January 10, 2016

  1. BeanCountingBookworm says:

    I love Chew, it’ probably my favourite series ever. It starts out strong and keeps getting better, if you enjoyed it then I highly encourage you to keep reading as it keeps coming up with new ideas and plot points and character development that you can continuously enjoy. I promise you of that, I’ve reread it 4 times; it’s truly great.

    Liked by 1 person

    • clbutor says:

      I’ve actually read the first nine volumes now! I really like it (Poyo is amazing), but I thought the 9th volume was starting to lag a bit. Same Poyo gags, same bad same-sex relationship, same characters cropping up again and again and again. I hope the next volume gets back to its unique weirdness.

      Liked by 1 person

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