Daily WTF: The Continued Support of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a walking cancer infecting America. He exacerbates pre-existing issues, floating along on a current of Islamophobia, immigration prejudice, mockery of the disabled, and divisive race issues. He beguiles people into thinking that he’s being reasonable, that “We have no choice” to listen to him and agree. He touts his supposed business acumen, conveniently forgetting to mention that he’s gone bankrupt six times and basically regained his fame by being a reality TV star – a trait he has in common with Paris Hilton and the Kardashians. His entire political platform is, “It will happen because I said so.” He encourages his supporters to abuse detractors and throws out journalists for asking him real, hard questions. He may be a decent reality TV star, but he is a shitty human being.

And yet, today I am less irritated by his moral bankruptcy and more irritated by that of my fellow citizens. One person can be terrible. One person can have horrible opinions. One person can say or do anything to get attention, but it is our responsibility as the public to determine if they get to do more than that. It is our support that gives them media attention, that elects them into office, and that tells others that we believe in their messages of hate and fear. Just this week when Donald Trump announced he thinks we should have a total ban on Muslim immigrants, the audience he was speaking to cheered (which you can watch here). They had no problem discriminating against an entire religion and preventing persecuted individuals from finding a safe haven in a land whose symbol says, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” They saw nothing reprehensible in his words or their support. They simply cheered.

I don’t like blanket statements about what is wrong with America/this generation/etc., but if you want to know why we have more mass shootings than any other country, more guns per person than any other country, more money spent on elections than any other country, and voter turnout below a third, this is why. People cheering at the discrimination of whole groups communities and people supporting a man that wants to deport 11 million people is why we as a nation have problems. I will agree to debate economic, foreign, and domestic policy issues, but there is nothing to debate about this: Donald Trump holds wrong, hateful opinions and those who support his opinions are wrong and hateful themselves.

If you support Donald Trump for any reason – because you think he has good business sense, because you like that he “tells it like it is,” because he refuses to apologize, because he is self-funding his campaign, etc. – you are still complicit in his more radical and hateful opinions. You are still supporting the open and cruel mockery of people with physical and mental disabilities. You are still supporting the deportation of 11 million people who simply want to be citizens and help our economy. You are still supporting the silencing of war veterans. You are still supporting xenophobia and jingoism. You are still supporting a policy of Islamophobia that could very well lead to genocide. You are still lacking in moral fiber and reason. And though you might still be American, I am not proud to call you my fellow citizen.

So stop supporting Trump. Stop supporting hate. Stop supporting fear. Stop living in fear and making knee jerk reactions. Be responsible. Be courageous. Be better.

* Photo taken from http://elections.huffingtonpost.com/pollster/2016-national-gop-primary


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