Adventures in Reading — November 16 — November 22, 2015

What did I read (and finish) this week?  Look below to find out!

* Also, apologies for not posting this earlier.  Time really got away from me this week.

The Graphic Canon, Vol. 2: From “Kubla Khan” to the Bronte Sisters to The Picture of Dorian Gray (2012) — This massive anthology is a continuation of Russ Kicks’ quest to create three volumes of classical works of literature in graphic form.  It’s not as interesting as the first volume, mainly because several of the works were repeated and many of them were more illustrative than sequential.  However, there were many gems including “Xanadu,” Pride and Prejudice, and Middlemarch, all of which were sequential rather than illustrative.  I’d like to read the third volume.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (2015) — As you may remember from this post, I’ve already read Carry On, which is about Simon Snow, the Chosen One, his struggles with magic, love, and interpersonal skills.  It’s just as good the second time around (if not better), and I noticed quite a few details I glossed over.  I loooooove it.

American Vampire, Vol. 7 by Scott Snyder (2015) — This volume focuses mostly on Pearl Jone’s life in the 1960s when she returns to her farm in Kansas and takes in runaway, hated vampires, sending them to new lives and new covens.  Skinner makes a slight appearance as a big, fat loser who boosts bad guys and lives in an abandoned train.  It’s sad, really.  And we also meet a big, bad villain that’s going to make everyone’s lives hell.  I really enjoyed this volume, and it was probably either my favorite or second favorite one so far.  I hope the next volume doesn’t time skip too much as there’s this big plot going on and I want to know what happens.

Hawkeye_4Hawkeye, Vol. 4: Rio Bravo by Matt Fraction (2015) — This is the final volume of Matt Fraction’s run, and it’s amazing.  Hawkguy’s brother Barney comes into town, simultaneously fucking everything up and making it better, and the Ivan crowd makes their final move.  It was a slight letdown to find out that it was all a land grab ploy, and the first, winter-themed episode didn’t really make sense, but the overall arc was magnificent.  A truly great run with great art.

Ongoing manga:

Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars!/Soma’s Cooking Battles) by Yuto Tsukuda (2012 – ongoing) ch. 143 and 144 — In these chapters, the Polar Star dorm fights back to give Soma time for his shokugeki while Eizan finally gets serious and decides to cook.  They’re fun, interesting chapters.

One Piece by Oda Eiichiro (1997 – ongoing) ch. 354 — 359 – We wrap up the troubles with Tom and the backstory of Franky and Iceberg before getting back to the real world, including losing Going Merry, Robin’s true motives, and Sanji tracking her down.  It’s very good right now.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom) by Yusei Matsui (2012 – ongoing) ch. 163 and 164 – These two chapters have Nagisa finally telling Koro-sensei that he wants to be a teacher and the world governments launching their plan of attack against Koro-sensei.  All very intense.


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