Daily WTF: The State of America Generally

This morning I sat down to review the news, as I typically do. I like to scan the trending Facebook items, check out my local paper, bop around on BBC and CNN, and see what’s happening on Twitter. It’s not a perfect system, but it generally keeps me well-informed on local, national, and international events. Twitter is especially helpful as many stories that will later become national news – such as the shooting of Michael Brown, Kim Davis’ nonsense, and stories of police brutality – break there first.

However, today I just can’t think of what to write about here – because there are too many horrifying, perplexing things happening. You have the rise of Islamophobia across the US, which I touched on briefly last week, you have Presidential candidates demanding that we close mosques and register Muslims, you have a man getting beaten at a Donald Trump rally for shouting, “Black Lives Matter!”, you have Trump condoning his supporters’ actions, you have this nonsense piece about Kentucky liberals, and you have Kentucky’s governor-elect poised to take away insurance from thousands of Kentuckians. The whole situation is so cruel and mad that it’s hard to figure out how to interact with it. What can I say or do that will in any way offset what our politicians and fellow citizens are doing? How can I possibly affect any change?

Today I find the world around me a terrible and disheartening place with not even my own country, the supposed land of the free and home of the brave, a sanctuary. I would honestly like to run from it all, to simply find a quiet, peaceful place and just breathe and breathe and breathe. I would like to forget that people are capable of exploiting children in other countries for profit. I would like to forget that people would do anything to avoid helping refugees, the homeless, or people living below poverty. I would like to believe that, a scant three days before Thanksgiving, I do not live in a place that doesn’t value everyone equally – hell, it doesn’t even think workers should be allowed to spend Thanksgiving with their families.

So that is what I have to write about today: how depressing and monstrous the world seems right now. How difficult it is for me today to see the goodness in the world. How hard it is to pinpoint just one thing to be upset about. Perhaps I am naïve, but I don’t think that’s how the world should be. I don’t think we should feel despair when we consider the world around us and be resigned that nothing will ever change.

So I apologize for writing a post while so completely overwhelmed, but some days I can’t help it. Perhaps tomorrow I will be more focused, more on fire, and more willing to believe that one person’s voice can be heard, but today I’m simply sick and tired and frustrated. It happens. It is Monday.

May your day contain more peace and hope than mine.

* Photo taken from http://www.navamsa.com/?p=2499


4 thoughts on “Daily WTF: The State of America Generally

  1. jonolan says:

    Thank you. Given what you’re complaining about and what it says about you and your loyalties, your misery brings me great joy and one more thing to be thankful for this holiday.


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