Kentucky General Election Reminder — Please Vote!

Today, Tuesday, November 3 is Kentucky’s general election.  In this election, we have the opportunity to vote for a new governor, attorney general, auditor of public accounts, agricultural commissioner, treasurer, secretary of state, and, for some, Lexington Urban County Council 1st District.  These individuals will have a huge impact on Kentuckians’ lives, including what responsibilities we hold county clerks accountable for (looking at you, Kim Davis), whether Medicaid will be expanded on defunded, and whether teachers will still receive/how they will receive a pension plan.  To learn more about the available candidates, click on the above links or here for all of them at once.  To figure out where your polling location is, click here.  And, as you go to the polls (open from 6am — 6pm), I encourage you to vote not only for your best interests but for those of our state’s most vulnerable populations.  Thank you.

* Photo from the Lexington Herald Leader,


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