DIY: Fleece Mario (and Luigi!) Hat


For one of my Halloween costumes this year, I dressed up like Mario (as this post shows), and, while it’s fairly easy to find something that looks like Mario’s basic costume, it’s pretty hard to find a Mario hat. That’s why I decided to make one (with the kind help of pie popper and DeandrasCrafts, of course). It is actually very easy to make a Mario (or Luigi) hat; you can do it either by hand or using a sewing machine, and, unless you have no sewing stuff at all, it costs less than $10. And it turns out really, really well.

So, without further ado, here’s how to make a Mario (and Luigi!) Hat!


First, you’ll need to buy/gather a few things. You’ll need fleece in red and white, pins, needle and thread/a sewing machine, scissors, a ruler of some sort, and circles of various sizes.


  • 1/3 yard red fleece
  • 1/8 yard white fleece
  • Red thread
  • White thread


  • 3” circle (for the symbol)
  • 12” plate (for the hat)
  • 6” circle (for where your head goes)
  • 9” x 6” oval (You can also use the 6” circle, but I thought the oval worked best)


First, you’ll need to cut two 12” circles out of your red fleece.


Next, cut out either a 6” circle or a 9” x 6” oval from the red fleece.


Fold the oval/6” circle in half with the marker lines showing and sew the edge almost closed.


When you have about 1 1/2” left to sew, flip it inside out so the marker lines are no longer showing. Then finish sewing it closed. This will be your brim!


Next, put your 6” circle in the center of one of the 12” circles and trace around it. Cut out this circle. Don’t worry if the circle doesn’t come out complete – you won’t be using it anymore (so just toss it). The circle of this donut will be where you put your head – and, yes, it will stretch.


Pin your brim to the inside of the hole on your 12” donut. Make sure the marker lines are facing down.


Sew your brim to the donut.


When you flip the donut/brim around, it should look like this.


Now we need to add the other 12” circle to our donut/brim. Pin the 12” circle to the donut brim so that the marker lines on both the donut and the 12” circle are facing outwards. The brim should be sandwiched between the two.


Sew the pieces together. When you’re finished, flip inside out – congratulations! You have a finished hat!


Last, you need to add your Mario symbol (because otherwise it’s just a plain red hat).

First, cut out a 3” circle from the white felt.


Then cut out another 3” circle – this from the red felt. In it, you’ll draw a capital “M.”


Cut out the “M” and pin it to the white circle.


Sew the “M” to the white circle.


Now pin the symbol to your hat. It should be right above the brim in the middle.


Sew it on and you’re done – you have an awesome homemade Mario hat! Yay!!


*Note: if you’d like to make a Luigi (or a Wario, Waluigi, etc.) hat, just substitute the red fleece for whatever other color you need. It’s very simple.

**Double note: if you think your brim is too floppy, pinch it on the underside in the middle and make a few stitches – this will help it stay stiff.

Have fun!



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