Adventures in Links — October 23, 2015 (Halloween Comics & Games)

Halloween ComicFest 2015

Theme: Halloween Comics & Games

Despite all my hard work, you might be finding yourself still not in the Halloween spirit. Something just feels off to you. You’re not excited about Halloween, you’re not preparing for it, and you just can’t muster the energy to go to the orchard to pick out a big, dirty pumpkin. Well, my friend, that’s sad, but never fear – I have just the thing for you! Today you’ll find tons of links to spooky Halloween themed comics and games that will get you in the spirit.

Hey, did you know that many comic book shops offer free comics during Halloween? Well, they do! To check out the Halloween Comicfest, click here for their web site or here for their Facebook page. Then give your local comic book store a holler to see if they participate (Feel free to cry if they say they don’t.), and enjoy your free comics!

But what if, horror of horrors, your local comic book shop doesn’t celebrate the Halloween Comicfest? Well, you can still read creepy comics (perhaps from your local library?)! If you click here, you’ll get a list of 10 different comics that will get you in the spirit, including The Marquis, a creepy comic about a former Inquisitor who can see demons and devils; 30 Days of Night, the vampire comic that inspired the movie; and Scary Godmother, a gorgeous all-ages comic about a big-haired friendly witch. For another great list of Halloween-esque comics, you can click here. This list has Anya’s Ghost, one of my favorite teen comics, the beautifully rendered Coffin Hill, and, of course, Locke & Key and The Walking Dead. It’s a really good list with YouTube videos of the creators talking about them.

Now, if you just want to see Halloween-themed cover art throughout the decades, click here for a link to 101 Halloween Comic Book Covers. You’ll see covers from Archie, Donald Duck, The Simpsons, Batman, and more. Many, like the above of Donald and Daisy dancing, are super cute.

But what if you can’t go and buy comics and your local library doesn’t have any of the above (which is impossible, but let’s just stick with this hypothetical)? Well, you can still read Halloween-themed comics! The Oatmeal has this silly comic about How Different Age Groups Celebrate Halloween, and memebase has this massive collection of web comics for you to peruse for hours upon hours upon hours.

However, if you want a really good web comic, you have to read Abby Howard’s The Last Halloween. It is so good. The art is amazing, the content is compelling, and it’s legitimately terrifying. Read it, read it, read it!

Let’s talk about Halloween-themed online games. None of the ones I found are really difficult, but they are fun. You can click on this link for somewhere around 100 different (free) online games. I liked Bubble Hit: Halloween, and my sister enjoyed Bella the Vampire Makeover. I couldn’t make heads or tails of Devilish Trick, so if anyone figures it out, let me know (I finally figured it out. It’s a spot the difference game.).

ZombieSmash! Icon

ZombieSmash! Icon

If you want even more cute Halloween-themed games, click here. There’s a silly one called “Sara’s Cooking Class” where you make pumpkin-shaped quesadillas and cupcakes. It’s so friggin’ cute. This Halloween avatar creator is also hella cute.

Finally, here are a bunch of Halloween-themed apps! You can click here for a list of 30 Halloween Apps for iPhone and Android (I really like Make a Zombie, ZombieBooth, and Pumpkins vs. Monsters), here for Android-only apps, here for iPhone-only apps, or here for a list of games, apps, music, etc. Stay spoopy, y’all!


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