Horror Story Recording #1: World War Z, The Great Panic, Topeka, Kansas, USA

World_War_ZThis week’s horror story recording comes from Max Brooks’ seminal piece about the zombie apocalypse World War Z.  The book is composed of interviews collected throughout the world that piece together the events of the zombie war/World War Z including “Warnings,” “Blame, “The Great Panic,” and “Turning the Tide.”  This selection comes from The Great Panic section and has a young girl recount exactly what it was like to be attacked by zombies, how people reacted, how she escaped, and how this affected her.  If you’d like to hear more, you can click here for an abridged version.  You might also want to pick up the book from your local library or book seller of your choice.  It is an excellent read.

Click here to listen to my excerpt.


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