Adventures in Reading — September 28 — October 4, 2015


What did I read (and finish) this week? Look below to find out!

Nana by Ai Yazawa (2000 — 2009/on permanent hiatus), ch. 17 – 91 – These chapters, which constitute the majority of the series, have us moving away from the more light-hearted aspects of Nana to subjects that are quite serious including pregnancy, depression, anxiety, self-harm, drug use, and pedophilia (Sounds fun, doesn’t it?). On the plot side, Blast gets to debut and makes a big hit, though the paparazzi sort of taints that, and Nana and Hachi finally start to get back together. Then, The Most Horrible Thing Ever happens, everything starts to fall to pieces, and Ai Yazawa gets sick and puts the series on indefinite/permanent hiatus. It’s a huge blow because, no matter how depressing the series can get, it’s still really good. As always, Ai Yazawa creates gorgeous artwork with highly detailed backgrounds and outfits and characters that are all distinct and interesting. The story continues to be compelling, and the friendship between Nana and Hachi is pretty much the greatest thing ever (even better than Sailor Moon, I’d argue). It’s such a shame the series had to end prematurely, but it’s well worth reading. Glad I reread it (However, to give you context, 91 chapters is 23 volumes – which I read in a week, so it’s not surprising that this is almost literally all I got to read.).

Ongoing manga:


Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars!/Soma’s Cooking Battles) by Yuto Tsukuda (2012 – ongoing) ch. 136 & 137 – I’m still not convinced by the turn of events here with Soma being asked to focus on helping Erina escape her crazy, controlling father. However, if the plot brings in Tadokoro and the Polar Star dorm, this could be a good arc. I’ll be waiting expectantly over here.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom) by Yusei Matsui (2012 – ongoing) ch. 154 – 157 – The series continues to limp along, now focusing on entrance exams, future careers, and graduating from the school in less than a month. We’re also getting a big baddy so that could propel the series on for another ten or so chapters. Still, the whole thing feels limp now that we know Koro-sensei won’t spontaneously explode/is a good guy/doesn’t need to be killed. All in all, it’s gotten rather disappointing.


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