Personal Update

For this month, I intend on publishing an audio file of me reading a scary story or event every Sunday (because, you know, 31 Days of Halloween).  However, as I sat down to choose the story and begin recording, I realized that I would need to do a fair bit of screaming and shouting.  At this point, I should add that I live in an apartment complex and it was 9:00pm.  So, since I like my neighbors and don’t want to terrify and/or enrage them, I’m not going to record tonight.  Instead, I will record and post it tomorrow.

So, once again, I need to apologize for posting late.  These posts represent a new format that I’m trying out and will require a bit of trial and error.  I appreciate your patience and continued support and will work hard to make sure that the posts stay on time and in high quality.  As always, I encourage you to submit feedback and comments.

Thank you.



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