Adventures in Links — October 2, 2015 (Halloween Treats)

Theme: Halloween treats

Today’s post marks the first in five Adventures in Links about Halloween for every Friday from now through Halloween. There will be links about sweets, costumes, scary stories, and more. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy the links as much as I will (Oh, FYI, Halloween is my favorite holiday, so expect a lot more of this.).

So everyone knows that an essential part of Halloween is candy and other delicious (usually sweet) treats. But how did the two become linked and when did it start? Well, the Stuff You Missed in History podcast did a really good episode on Halloween candy a while ago that will tell you all you’ve ever wanted to know about the subject. Click here to listen to it.

Didn’t get enough about candy corn, that disgusting, waxy candy that so many still, inexplicably, seem to love? Well, if you click here you’ll see a cool video about how Brach’s, the main distributor of the gross treat, makes them. Almost makes candy corn look acceptable.

But it’s not. It’s really not, and I never knew how to articulate my distaste until I saw this sketch by American comedian Lewis Black. His initial remarks about Halloween being a holiday for children are dead wrong, but at about the 2:15 mark when he starts in on candy corn, he gets it dead right. Prepare to laugh (and be a little sad that it’s only the audio).

However, what I really want to show you are some good recipes for Halloween treats – and not just candy, either! No, there’s nothing quite like making edible witches fingers, pumpkin-flavored Rice Krispy treats, yogurt-dipped pretzel pumpkins, and spooky, fizzy drinks. Three great and expansive resources are this one from Allrecipes (which is my go-to recipe site, btw), this one from Pinterest (which has some really cute ones), and this one from Martha Stewart (which are the classier, more expensive ones). All of them are helpful and colorful and will help you make the spookiest, tastiest additions to your October parties and events. I know I’ll be using them.

If you would rather just watch a video of some good Halloween recipes, click on this link for a video by Rosanna Pansino of the YouTube cooking fame. She’s a little too perky and bubbly for my taste but has some great recipes that are very easy to follow. As well, she has hundreds of amazing and inspired recipes that I’m excited to try in the future. Everything on her playlist is so, so cool.

Finally, who remembers when Jimmy Kimmel convinced parents to tell their kids that they had eaten all their Halloween candy? Well, it’s time to remember and relive the horror. Click here.


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