Daily WTF: The Days Inn in Donegal, Pennsylvania


This week I made a grave mistake when deciding to stop at a Days Inn in Donegal, Pennsylvania. According to their website, they are a clean, lovely place with a sparkling outdoor pool, alcohol served in the lobby, a good breakfast, and bright, immaculate rooms. Instead, what greeted me and my traveling companions was a sign that read, “Days Inn – Used TVs $20.” It did not improve from there.

Alas, this was a building that would have been dramatically improved by being torn down and replaced with a tent. It probably would have had significantly less mold and mildew and would have smelled better. The fact of the matter is that this Days Inn is just an old, crappy building that has had a few new coats of paint slapped on while doing the bare minimum to help it meet acceptable standards. After enduring it for a few hours, I dug around a little deeper and found that as early as a year ago, it was filthy, moldy, outdated, and gross. Since then, management has added new TVs (Hurray!), new top mattresses (while keeping the old box springs, which were too small), increased the water pressure, and added a creepy outhouse building with a “gym” in it for the owner’s family to live in. This has led some to call it “okay” and even laud it for basically existing.

Unfortunately for the proprietors of this leprous establishment, my standard for “okay” isn’t “is still standing.” So here’s a comprehensive list of all the things I found wrong with it.

  1. Rooms are actively moldy. You could feel it and smell it in the air, and it made it difficult to breathe.
  2. You can see the mold. Eventually, I realized that there was mold under the lampshades, in the bathroom, under the sink, behind the toilet, on the edges of the walls, and on the dark carpet.
  3. Box springs are smaller than the mattresses so they slide around.
  4. Mattresses are old and saggy and very uncomfortable.
  5. Pillows are old and saggy and very uncomfortable.
  6. Towels are rough, scratchy, and raggedy.
  7. AC works imperfectly at best, turning off and on at random intervals.
  8. WiFi goes off every hour, forcing you to restart the network, your browser, or your whole computer (and losing everything in the process).
  9. Breakfast is stale and unappetizing.
  10. Staff isn’t rude, but they’re not helpful and happy like reviews claim.
  11. Staff doesn’t know where the gym is, its hours, or much of anything, really.
  12. Doors and walls are thin and let in the light/rain/bugs.
  13. Staff will not speak with unruly guests, which meant I had to.
  14. Gym is creepy. It’s located in its own building about 500’ away from the main entrance. The owner’s family lives in the same building and keeps the lights off in the gym. I felt like I was going to be killed.
  15. While this isn’t necessarily the Days Inn’s problem, it’s worth noting that there is nothing at this location. There was a McDonalds, a Dairy Queen that closes early, two shitty gas stations, a better Express Inn, and darkness. So if you were hoping for a hot meal, you’re shit out of luck.

I paid $91.20 for this room. Clearly, it was not worth it.

So, folks, if you’re passing through the area, I would just keep going a few miles up the road to where it’s cleaner, less creepy, and actually has food. Because this place is a horror.

Four billion thumbs down.


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