Adventures in Links — October 30, 2015 (Scary Stories)

Theme: Scary Stories

So tomorrow is Halloween, which means it’s a great time to gather friends and listen to or read scary stories, especially if there’s a city ordnance in your town making it illegal for you to trick or treat (-raises hand-). Naturally, you can sit around talking about real life encounters you’ve had or read from a book (Perhaps taken from your local library?), but if you’re a child of the Internet, you’d probably rather just click on a link and go. Fortunately for you, there are thousands/millions of different sites to click on, but to make your night a little bit easier, I’ve provided several links of really horrifying shit. Click at your own discretion and maybe grab a blanket first.

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Daily WTF: The Spring Valley High Assault Case

On Monday, October 26, a student at the Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina had an attitude problem. I know, shocker, right? In math class, she refused to give up her cell phone and then refused to leave class, even when an administrator was called in. It’s not sure what else she said or did, though according to the video, she seemed content to sit in her chair and play on her phone. The teacher and administrator then did the next thing they could think of: they brought in the school’s resource officer (SRO), an active duty policeman. Continue reading

Daily WTF: Censoring Period-Centric Ads


So in case you don’t read Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, or The Toast, you should know that there’s a cool new product out there for people that have periods. It’s called Thinx, and it’s literally period underwear – underwear that you wear on your period. What makes it different from the ratty, oversized, stained underwear you might have already dubbed “period pants” is that Thinx is supposed to replace pads, tampons, Diva cups, etc. In other words, you can finally just wear underwear while on your period without anything else.

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Adventures in Reading — October 19 — October 25, 2015

Carry_OnWhat did I read (and finish) this week? Look below to find out.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (2015) – In this novel, Rainbow Rowell imagines how the world of Simon Snow (which she introduced as fanfiction/Harry Potter parody in Fangirl) would end if she were writing it. It’s Simon’s last year at Watford’s School of Wizarding, he’s trying to figure out how to defeat the Humdrum and stop it from sucking out all the world’s magic, and he needs to, as always, deal with his snotty roommate Baz (and their feelings). This is a fucking great book, and it’s so damn cute/heartbreaking. When I have eight seconds to breathe, I’m going to write an epic fanfic about it. I loved it.

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Daily WTF: Conflating People with Mental Illnesses with Assholes

Photo taken from: /2013/12/mental-illness-and-church/

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This past week, my work had a Staff Development Day. A cornerstone of the day of meetings was discussing customers with mental illnesses, first from a mental health professional’s perspective and then from the head of our security department, M. The mental health professional’s presentation was very good, detailing common indicators that someone has a serious mental illness/is about to have a breakdown, giving us contact information so that we could call someone to come help them, and giving us tips on how to make people more comfortable. Her focus was primarily on people with mental illnesses or addictions who are homeless (25% of homeless people have a mental illness), but the information was applicable to other people too. Overall, I really enjoyed her talk.

Then came M.

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DIY: Fleece Mario (and Luigi!) Hat


For one of my Halloween costumes this year, I dressed up like Mario (as this post shows), and, while it’s fairly easy to find something that looks like Mario’s basic costume, it’s pretty hard to find a Mario hat. That’s why I decided to make one (with the kind help of pie popper and DeandrasCrafts, of course). It is actually very easy to make a Mario (or Luigi) hat; you can do it either by hand or using a sewing machine, and, unless you have no sewing stuff at all, it costs less than $10. And it turns out really, really well.

So, without further ado, here’s how to make a Mario (and Luigi!) Hat!

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Personal Update


It’s-a me, Zombie Mario (and Zombie Luigi, motherfudgers!)!

Unfortunately, I am quite behind on posts.  This has been a whirlwind weekend full of fun, a little bit of stress, quite a bit of crafting, and friendship — but not much writing. Anticipate a deluge of posts and pictures over the next few days and, as always, thank you for your patience and patronage.


Adventures in Links — October 23, 2015 (Halloween Comics & Games)

Halloween ComicFest 2015

Theme: Halloween Comics & Games

Despite all my hard work, you might be finding yourself still not in the Halloween spirit. Something just feels off to you. You’re not excited about Halloween, you’re not preparing for it, and you just can’t muster the energy to go to the orchard to pick out a big, dirty pumpkin. Well, my friend, that’s sad, but never fear – I have just the thing for you! Today you’ll find tons of links to spooky Halloween themed comics and games that will get you in the spirit. Continue reading