Adventures in Links — August 21, 2015 (Innovations)

A few fun links to start your weekend off right. 🙂

Theme: Innovations

The following links contain information about innovations, mostly in technology. Some of them like TALK and Liftware are life-changing whereas others like the BASICS Notebook are just good ideas. Either way, they’re all really cool and have the potential of improving people’s lives.

First up is TALK, which is a breath-based speech device for people who can’t speak such as those with developmental disabilities. It works by issuing two types of breath in Morse code that can then be translated into spoken words. It was created by 16-year-old Arsh Shah Dilbagi from India, and you can watch his video above or click here for more information.

Next is Liftware, a type of utensils with stabilizing handles that can be used for people with palsy or other types of tremors. It reduces shaking by up to 70%, allowing people to feed themselves much more easily. You can click here to access their website.

Then we have a door handle that kills germs invented by Chinese teenagers Sum Ming Wong and Kin Pong Li. This door handle uses a mineral called titanium dioxide and UV light to kill germs on the handle, reducing the amount of germs by over 99%. It’s also affordable and self-powering. Click here to learn more.

Photo property of Veil.

Photo property of Veil.

Then there’s VEIL, a Kickstarter-backed invention that created a sports-appropriate hijab. The fabric is lightweight, wicking, and waterproof, which will keep women who exercise while wearing a hijab cooler and drier. It sounds like a really cool innovation. You can learn more here.

In response to the recent focus on police violence and brutality, three Georgia teenagers named Ima, Asha, and Caleb Christian developed an app that allows you to rate your interaction with police. This will allow people to determine where police violence is and where it isn’t, created a searchable database for where the problems in the US actually are. To learn more about the app, click here and here.

Finally, there’s the BASICS Notebook, which is another Kickstarter-backed invention. This notebook adds a few small but very helpful changes to the standard notebook, making it easier to use and organize. I actually love this notebook and am backing the Kickstarter, which will still be open for another eight days. To learn more, click here.


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