Adventures in Reading — August 10 — August 16, 2015

PW_June_2015What did I read (and finish) this week? Look below to find out.

Poets & Writers (May/June 2015) – My quest to read all the backlogs of Poets & Writers that I own continues with the May/June 2015 issue. This issue deals with writing contests and has some really good information from publishers, editors, winners, and losers. I especially enjoyed “Blurb Anxiety” by Shelly Oria, this issue’s “The Savvy Self-Publisher,” and “Finding the Words: A Q & A with Maggie Nelson” by Michele Filgate. However, this probably wasn’t my favorite issue. Much of it was dry, and many of the judges and winners repeated themselves and each other. A decent issue but not a lot of spark to it.

The Graphic Canon Vol. 1: From the Epic of Gilgamesh to Shakespeare to Dangerous Liaisons, an anthology (2012) – This massive tome contains dozens of graphic adaptations of famous literature, including The Tale of Genji, The Book of Revelations, The Divine Comedy, Shakespearean sonnets, and letters from Benjamin Franklin. Despite its huge size (Goodreads clocks it at 512 pages), it reads surprisingly fast, mostly due to the stories’ quality. While not every adaptation was great, it was still a really good book, very inspirational, and one that I want to buy immediately. Some of my favorite adaptations were “The Flea,” “The Visions of St. Teresa of Avila,” and “The Last Ballad.”

Property of Image Comics

Property of Image Comics

East of West Vol. 1: The Promise by Jonathan Hickman (2013) – In this beautifully rendered and wonderfully written graphic novel, we find ourselves in an alternate reality of the US which has been broken off into seven nations and is besieged by technology, magic, megalomania, and The Message. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have also been reborn, though Death has gone rouge in an attempt to avenge the wrongs done to him. It’s a great volume though all the prophesies make it a little bit difficult to decipher at times. This is my second reading of it, and I still adore it.

Hana-Kimi (For You in Full Bloom) by Hisaya Nakajo (1996 – 2004), ch. 92 – 108 – These chapters have a lot of family drama with Sano, Kagurazaka, and Shin competing and Sano fighting with his father. We also get a brief interlude with Sekime, one of the friends, when he gets a girlfriend and tries to decide if he’s going to do the easy or hard route in athletics. Honestly, these chapters dragged a bit. Hopefully, there’s more action soon.


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