Adventures in Links — August 14, 2015 (Crossovers)

A few fun links to start your weekend off right. 🙂

Theme: Crossovers

This week I bring you some links about crossovers, which if you don’t know, are just when two worlds (usually fictional) cross over into one another. There are tons of fandoms dedicated to crossovers like Steven Universe and BBC Sherlock or Superwholock (which is Supernatural, Doctor Who, and BBC Sherlock). There are Dragon Age crossovers, Firefly crossovers, Harry Potter crossovers, and doubtless tons more crossovers that I know absolutely nothing about. Some of them are fun, some of them are damn near canonical, some of them are incredibly stupid, and now I want to get you to know them.

The video at the top of the page started this theme. It’s Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel mixed with Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and, oh, my God, is it amazing. I’m in the process of making fanart, it’s so good.

Next we have Madventure Time, a crossover of Adventure Time and Mad Max. Princess Bubblegum as Furiosa. Princess Bubblegum as Furiosa. Princess Bubblegum as Furiosa! (Also, click on the “Inspired by” link for some cool Adventure Time/Mad Max art.)

Am I the only one that didn’t remember the Looney Toons movie where Bugs and Daffy get chased into classical paintings by Elmer Fudd? No? Well, either way, check it out. It fills my soul with happiness.

This one is a bit of a fudge, but how could I resist linking to a Vine of Chris Pratt and Tom Hiddleston doing a dance-off? Who’s to say Peter Quill and Loki won’t get into an epic dance-off in a future movie or Owen from Jurassic World won’t have a rival played by Tom Hiddleston and they decide who will be the alpha raptor by a dance-off? Who’s to say?

Finally, I asked my girlfriend to pull some good crossover fanfics. I haven’t been able to read all of them, but I really like You are a Paradigm and The Doctor, The Desert, and Death so far. They’re really well-written. I’m a bit on the fence about Brown Coat, Green Eyes, but I’ll let you decide for yourself. Here’s what she said about each of them:

You Are a Paradigm by 1electricpirate. This is an HP/BBC Sherlock crossover AU fic where it turns out John Watson may not be only what he seems.  The non-linear format for all three parts make for wonderful little insights into the lives of John and Sherlock.  Beware of ratings and tags (especially in the 2nd and 3rd installments).

The Doctor, the Desert, and Death by M. Corrigible.  This is another HP/BBC Sherlock crossover AU fic where not only is John something (or someone) special, but so is Harry.  Interesting b/c this really focuses on Harry and John’s relationship as brother and sister as well as John and Sherlock (to my knowledge this is not a slash fic).  Only drawback… this is a work in progress fic, but the author usually updates once or twice a month.

Browncoat, Green Eyes by nonjon.  It has been awhile since I read this one, but it is an HP/Firefly crossover that is very silly. The romance is twofold b/c it kinda takes place in two very different periods of time.  It takes place mostly in the Firefly verse after Miranda is released, but it has a couple HP people pop up.  The timeline doesn’t necessarily make sense (though they do try!), but if I remember correctly it was a very fun read.


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