Daily WTF: Disqualifying Hillary Clinton from the Presidency Because of Her Age

Daily WTF: Disqualifying Hillary Clinton from the Presidency because of Her Age

Just a couple nights ago, my girlfriend and I were talking about the 2016 Presidential hopefuls, and she told me that a friend, T, had expressed concern over Hillary’s Clinton’s age. “Isn’t she too old?” T had asked, smiling in a subtle yet wise manner. Upon further discussion, it became apparent that T didn’t know Hillary’s actual age or the ages of any of the other Presidential candidates – or the ages of any of our past Presidents. For example, she was quite surprised to learn that Reagan was 77 when he left office and Bush Sr. was 68. And while our mean age for Presidents is just shy of 55 years old, we’ve had numerous 60-year-olds in office and even a few 70-year-olds so “old age” really shouldn’t be a big concern.

For those wondering, if Hillary is elected, she will be 69 years old on inauguration day. She will, in fact, be almost the exact same age Reagan was when elected (actually, she’ll be about nine months younger if that matters). But, if that scares you, it’s also important to note that just under 62% of our current candidates will be in their 60s come inauguration day, including headliners Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Rick Perry, and Jeb Bush. This season’s group is not a very young bunch.

Furthermore, it’s asinine to judge someone’s Presidential merit by their age and is indicative of our country’s startling lack of regard for the elderly. I admit to often being suspicious of people above retirement age (most notably the Baby Boomer generation), and I hold strong opinions about that generation, but a person’s track record should be more important than the year on their birth certificate. If a voter doesn’t agree with a candidate, it should be because of their platform. You shouldn’t vote for Hillary because of her stance on abortion, women’s health, or the Affordable Care Act. You shouldn’t vote for Trump because of his lack of platform, lack of experience, and unprofessional persona. Age really shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

So just forget what I said about how old our candidates will be. Instead, concentrate on their stance on the issues. Make sure that you choose the one that allies best with either your interests or what you think the country’s interests should be. Is it their foreign policy? Their economic policy? Their opinion on immigration? Their stance on the Affordable Care Act? Whatever it is, make sure that you vote on that and leave the cosmetic analysis to the lifestyle magazines.

To start learning about the candidates’ platforms, click here.


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