Daily WTF: Donald Trump’s Lack of Platform

THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE -- Episode 912 -- Pictured: Donald Trump -- Photo by: Ali Goldstein/NBC

THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE — Episode 912 — Pictured: Donald Trump — Photo by: Ali Goldstein/NBC

Everyone that wants to vote for Donald Trump as the President, I’d like for you to tune in for a moment. Just come in, sit with me, we need to have a talk.

When Donald Trump announced his newest bid for political office, I was dismissive of his chances. But now that he leads the Republican field by at least six percentage points and has come out on top of the GOP debate, I need to start taking him seriously. Well, actually, I still find it difficult to take him seriously, but I want to take you, his constituents seriously. Because make no mistake, if Trump wins, it will be because of you, because of your choices and your vote. So let’s chat.

I’ve tried to understand Trump’s appeal, reading a few articles about the topic. Supporters like you seem to like him because he’s anti-Washington and pro-you. He doesn’t like the way things are happening in this country and he wants to change them. He doesn’t like people talking down to him – or you – and he thinks people should just respect his authority and personality. He isn’t afraid to say whatever he wants, which can seem refreshing in this era of respectability politics. He is also a businessman and a billionaire, which might portend good things for this country, especially since we’re currently $19 trillion in debt.

I get that, but I’d also like you to take a moment to figure out what Trump is really offering you. Yes, he says he likes you, and, yes, he says he supports you, and, yes, he seems entertaining, but what is he really offering? Where does he stand on any of the issues that you might consider important – abortion, gun control, increased taxes, Social Security, religious freedom, states’ rights? How is he actually going to decrease the debt? What will he really do for soldiers and veterans? How is he going to negotiate with other countries’ leaders? Specifically, I mean. What is his specific plan of action and who will he work with to accomplish it? But, more importantly, how will he help you? Because there will come a time when he can’t just be entertaining, shooting from the hip and tearing down his opponents. There will come a time when he needs to do something for you, for the American people. So what is it going to be? And if you don’t know now, shouldn’t you be pressuring him to start telling you? The first caucus is in February, less than five months away. Isn’t it time he started telling you what he’s going to do – if for no other reason than that you can support him?

And if he doesn’t have an actual plan, if he’s just trying to be entertaining and ballsy, is he really worth your time? And does that really make him Presidential material? Can he really lead a country without a plan and without being transparent to his constituents? Can he really do you and this country proud if he’s just running around shouting empty rhetoric? And don’t you deserve a candidate with a plan, with real regard behind his speeches, and with your best interest at heart? So, please, everyone, get him to tell you what he’s really going to do for you and this country. Get him to show you how he’s actually going to lead because if he can’t even tell you, his constituents, what he’s going to do, then can you really trust him to be President?


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