Daily WTF: #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter

Photo taken from: http://thesaladbowl.kinja.com/whitegirlsdoitbetter-the-best-of-the-backlash-1717163521

Photo taken from:
http://thesaladbowl.kinja.com/whitegirlsdoit better-the-best-of-the-backlash-1717163521

I recently learned that #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter is a trending hashtag. Originally, it was a racist affirmation that white girls are better than other women (specifically black women) and featured numerous twerking white butts for Twitter to collectively jerk off to. However, this past week it blew up when black and progressive Twitter took over it, users coopting it to point out the racist and hypocritical things many white women do. The Huffington Post posted this detailed article about it, and Buzzfeed gave us the highlights of its trolling.

This hashtag has no other purpose than to try to make non-whites feel badly about themselves. I’ve seen a few people try to claim that it’s self-affirming and gives white girls a place to feel good about themselves. I’ve also heard its defense being linked with a defense of the selfie phenomenon and thus just part of the surge of, “Feel good about yourself, girl! Yaaas!” movement.

While there’s nothing wrong with celebrating how you look and feel, there’s absolutely no need to get divisive about it. What’s wrong with #WhiteGirlsCanGetIt or #WhiteGirlsArePearls or #WhiteGirlsAreHot? None of those are particularly comparative and all have good connotations (The second even rhymes which is very important for a slogan.).

While every white girl may not be up to society’s beauty standard or celebrated for their personal beauty, white beauty as a whole is society’s norm and what we’re all taught to aspire to. Cosmetics are always white-themed as are lingerie, undergarments, hair care products, fashion, and even Band-Aids. Most models, even relatively unknown ones in Macy’s catalogues, are white, and most of the 100 Most Beautiful/Sexy/Bangable Women are white. Society already tells the world that white girls do it better. There’s no need for a hashtag.

A more worthwhile use of our time would be to break down the compartmentalizing and begin to celebrate beauty equally or even just acknowledging that beauty does not come in one shape, size, or color. And, women, let’s not contribute to tearing down each other. Instead, let’s try to support our fellow women and their own beauty. God knows society/men have spent enough time and money trying to pit us against each other, convincing us that our own mothers and daughters are competitors for their affection. Let’s break that idiotic cycle and just celebrate and support each other. Starting with tearing down #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter.


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