Bruh, Your Misogyny is Not Cute

A wonderful read.


I’ve been seeing this a lot, and I’ve discussed the slightly on my blogs, but I’m going to Address this more directly. As a young black woman I have and continue to fight issues that pertain to race, culture, sexuality, and gender as they pertain to me. And throughout my life, especially now, I get checked a lpt, which is definitely appropriate sometimes, as I know I am human and I may be ignorant to certain topics. And I welcome that, despite being wrong, because I know that my words and actions will cease to be a burden on someone and maybe become a tool to help build someone up. If my words that I put on this blog or into this world are wrong, then that’s because I am human, I am wrong sometimes, and I stand to be corrected. Which is why I will welcome comments, because it…

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