Adventures in Links — July 10, 2015

Photo property of Allison Aubrey/NPR

Photo property of Allison Aubrey/NPR

A few of the links I consumed and enjoyed this week.

While tea is not my absolute favorite beverage, I really enjoy cooking with it. There are just so many different flavors that can help alter and improve your mood. This is a great article about tea-infused treats from NPR. I wish it had some recipes or links for you to explore, but the descriptions do sound heavenly.

Have you heard of tiny houses? They are, as the name suggests, really tiny houses – often only about 250 square feet. If I remember correctly, the trend comes from Japan where architects were attempting to capitalize on the available space while creating livable homes. It’s slowly taking off in the US, though we seem to prefer actual houses rather than apartments (There’s even some talk about tiny houses being a viable homeless solution though I’m not yet convinced on that front.). If you click here, you can see some really cute tiny houses, but if you click here you can read a funny article from someone who is concerned about how people would live in tiny houses (Which I get. I wouldn’t want to live in a tiny house with anyone else – not even an animal.).

Two days ago, Vanity Fair (Vanity Fair!) published this cool profile on comics writer Kelly Sue DeConnick. Ms. DeConnick is best known for her reboot of Captain Marvel and her series Bitch Planet (which I loved, as you can see here) and Pretty Deadly (all three of these are amazing, btw). It’s a really well-written article that made me so happy – who would have thought women in comics would one day make Vanity Fair?

Finally, here is a fun, feminist sea chantey from Key and Peele. Alas, it’s not well-written (or audible) enough to truly be the “feminist anthem of the summer,” but it is a lot of fun. I watched it like three times last night.


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