Who Wants To Be a Revolutionary? Or, rather, who can be?

I’m not a woman of color, so I can’t speak towards most of your post, but I am a woman, and I’ve often been criticized for being vocal. I had an ex female friend tell me that I shouldn’t talk because I never had anything nice to say. I had a male college professor refuse to call on me in class supposedly because I was more advanced than the other students. However, he had no problem calling on my male friend who had the exact same experience (We turned it into a joke though: Danny would raise his hand, get called on, and say, “Cindy had something to say,” and I would make my point.). I had a geometry teacher get mad at me because I wouldn’t spend group time trying to teach a male student the concepts he was supposed to have studied. I got into an argument with a male student who tried to claim women were biologically pre-dispositioned to excel in housework. None of that is quite the same, but it does show how pervasive the patriarchy is.


I was listening to Buzzfeed ‘ s podcast Another Round and they had Crissle from the podcast “The Read” on the show as a guest. About half way through, they talked about how Crissle shut down a white man who had decided to justify a white woman wearing black face on television. It was amazing, but it also brought up a very valid point. Women of color, especially black women, are often put into the background of efforts despite their involvement, and as a result, their voices often go unheard when it pertains to social activism.

My dad’s and uncle’s protests against my blogging are a good example. Upon asking my dad why he was so concerned with my Facebook posts whereas he thought nothing of all his very enlightened Facebook posts, he says it was because he was concerned that my university might decide to retaliate and prevent me…

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