On Navigating My Pro-Blackness in White Spaces

Great article.


I have had this conversation multiple times with people of different races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. I’m positive I have driven quite a few people to rage with my opinions. My opinions are my opinions, so if you don’t like what I have to say, remember these are simply my views.

When I was younger, I remember how carefree I used to be. Not too much of a social activist then, but I was happy. Extremely naive, but happy.
Around fourth grade, my mother decided to convert us from Christianity to Islam. I was pretty content. Most of the teachings were pretty comparable to Christianity’s (of course, they had their differences, but I liked to cling to sameness.) It hadn’t really affected me too much. Of course I didn’t like Ramadan, but I did enjoy celebrating Eid, and prayers were fun to say in Arabic. It was a nice change.


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