Daily WTF: People Who Don’t Know Basic Elevator Etiquette

This particular topic probably wouldn’t be such a big deal if it weren’t for the fact that I ride an elevator at least half a dozen times during the day. I constantly need to ride between the 5th, 1st, and basement floors, and I’m usually carting three bags or 50 pound bins or 150 books crammed in a rickety old cart so I can’t take the stairs. Which is why I notice that people don’t know how to get in or out of an elevator.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: the people in the elevator always get out before the people who want to get on. That’s basic elevator etiquette, and it’s common sense to boot. If the elevator were full, how would you get on? If the people getting off had a bunch of carts or bins or dollies, how would you maneuver around them? So there’s no reason for the doors to open and someone to rush inside. It’s also highly irritating because they don’t know where you are, and more often than not they manage to narrowly avoid plowing into you (or just plow into you). It’s always highly surprising and highly irritating.

However! There is a simple solution: WAIT UNTIL THE DOORS FULLY OPEN BEFORE STEPPING INTO AN ELEVATOR. That’s it. Just pause for a full second to survey the scene, maybe take a step back because you’re blocking the Goddamn exit, maybe hold the door to make sure they can get off and you can get in, and then go. Elevators are slow, cumbersome, and lumbering – you’re not going to get anywhere faster by being the first human being over the threshold. So slow your Goddamn roll and observe basic elevator etiquette. It’s not that hard.


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