Adventures in Links June 12, 2015

This week I finally discovered The Comics Journal, an incredibly detailed, information-packed, excellently-curated web site about comics. It includes breaking news, book reviews, interviews, feature pieces, and so much more. I am still slogging my way through its massive archive, but I’m really enjoying how detailed and diverse the information is. I have a feeling that I’m be reblogging articles or responding to them in the very near future.

From Kukuburi by Ramon Perez.

From Kukuburi by Ramon Perez. 2007/09/04/fifteen/

A sort of re-discovery I had this week was Kukuburi, a web comic by Ramón Pérez. Ramón Pérez is an incredibly talented illustrator and artist, and Kukuburi is just amazing. It follows Nadia, a young delivery woman who happens to take the right package to the right place and end up in a magical world that can be bent by her imagination. Unfortunately, in this world she must battle the forces of evil, which don’t always play fair. As to be expected of Mr. Pérez, the art and colors are gorgeous, lushly and playfully rendered. The story itself is very interesting, and the world is populated by fantastic, unique characters. Unfortunately, Mr. Pérez gave up making Kukuburi in fall 2013 so it’s not finished. He may or may not eventually get back to it, but it sounds like he’s extremely busy right now so probably not. Still, I absolutely recommend you give Kukuburi a read. You’ll be delighted and inspired.


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