Adventures in Links June 5, 2015

batman-workoutRecently, I’ve begun using It’s this neat little site that tries to motivate people to be fitter by providing all these workouts, challenges, and advice, many of which are based off movies and superhero characters. I have a friend who’s pretty much a professional bodybuilder at this point who mocks Darebee, but I rather like it. I’ve been using their body weight workouts to prep for running and lifting. They’re pretty fun, and they’re simple enough to keep me entertained.

Another one of my go-to sites is, a web site that provides fan-translated manga. It’s great for staying up-to-date on new manga or catching up on old favorites. Of course, it’s always best to pay for your manga, but that’s not always possible with manga that aren’t translated into English or that have 70 volumes and are beyond your price range (Plus, sometimes it’s nice to try out a manga before committing yourself. I can’t tell you how many shitty manga I’ve started only to give up after getting bored.). So if you want to get into manga or find one you read a while ago, check it out.


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