Daily WTF: Adult Friends Who Won’t Celebrate Your Birthday

Grumpy Cat BirthdayBirthdays are sacrosanct to me. In a thoroughly shitty childhood, they were the highlight, the one thing that could make the other 364 days tolerable. They were also the one thing my family would do to confirm that we did, in fact, like and/or love each other. So I’m pretty serious about them.

It has therefore always shocked me that my adult friends don’t ever want to celebrate people on their birthdays. It’s actually pretty hard to drag them away from their lives, and since I’ve turned 18, I’ve had friends schedule international plane trips the day before my birthday, miss my birthday to attend a voluntary conference, forget about it entirely, never send me a card or even a Facebook message, give me a card with a hairball taped onto it, and leave my party several hours early so they could take care of their cats. And getting actual presents or having someone plan a party? Forget about it.

Now I understand that it’s not always financially feasible to celebrate people’s birthdays, especially when you’re all at college together and someone’s birthday is once a week (if not more). However, as we graduate and move across the country in little clusters, shouldn’t we begin celebrating each other? Shouldn’t we begin planning our schedules around each other’s birthdays and giving each other cards, money, and presents? Or, barring that, do something to show that we value, appreciate, and love each other? Show up at work with a cupcake and a card? Drop off Chinese food? Mail a pair of awesome cheeseburger socks?

I think so, and if I can’t start getting people to shape the hell up, I’m going to need to get some new friends.

(P.S. Happy 28th Birthday to me.)


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