Daily WTF: Why Do People Like Poorly-Made Movies?

Pitch Perfect Awkward GirlsFriday I had the severe misfortune to see Pitch Perfect 2, the most horrible movie I’ve seen since Stepbrothers. And while I’m not going to go into all the many, many ways Pitch Perfect 2 was horrible and a complete letdown for fans of the original (I’ve spent all morning on Facebook doing just that.), I want to talk about something similar: why the hell do people like shitty movies?

First off, I want to differentiate between shitty movies that everyone knows are shitty and likes because of that shittiness (so think Sharknado and any number of D horror flicks) and movies that tried to be good but ended up sucking huge balls (so think Pitch Perfect 2 and Age of Ultron). I have no problem with D movies doing the best they can but not taking themselves seriously. They’re often very funny. I voluntarily watch them, make fun of them, and then go see the sequel. Because they’re supposed to be bad. That’s part of the fun.

But I honestly do not understand when a movie is supposed to be good, turns out horribly, and everyone still likes it. Why? Did you not see how awkward it was? Did you not hate how they destroyed the characters? Did you not think the ending was a cop-out? Why do you like it?

I actually get really agitated over this and have a hard time respecting people’s opinions. I feel strongly that they are making the wrong choice and that their judgment is fundamentally flawed. I feel compelled to argue with them and continue arguing with them until they change their mind. I’ve lost friendships over this.

So tell me, if you can, why you liked Pitch Perfect, Age of Ultron, Judd Apatow movies, Will Ferrell movies, Adam Sandler movies, and anything along that vein. Am I missing the humor? Am I taking them too seriously? Am I mad about something personal? Seriously, let me know because I just can’t fucking understand people’s shitty taste.


2 thoughts on “Daily WTF: Why Do People Like Poorly-Made Movies?

  1. Susumu Kurobe says:

    I feel your pain, and also get in heated arguments with people who have heinous taste in movies. You sound exactly like me! It’s not just movies though, music is the same deal. I actually have a hard time being friends with people who can’t tell the difference between trash and art.


    • clbutor says:

      Definitely. Overall, I have no real problem with trash — I think it fills our need for quick, shallow entertainment (kind of like candy), but it shouldn’t kill people to acknowledge that it’s just not good. But unfortunately, I’m one of those shitty music lovers! I’ve never really cared about music, so I listen to it as white noise or a mood booster which is why I have a lot of punk rock, alt, and pop/pop rock on my iPod. But I do know that the majority of it isn’t great, and I’ll admit it, so why won’t people do the same with their shitty taste in movies?


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